iMissal Catholic (Mass Reading, Calendar, Lectionary) App Reviews

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IPieta has all this and loads more and is a lot cheaper

Makes me sick how you guys are sending everyone spam for your stupid vote, buy the way its obvious that you are cheating as all other apps which are way better have like 3 % and you guys 45 this is not catholic at all and I dont know why I should vote this outdated app in any way all other ones are being updated with new features recently and only cost half the price if anything. Ipieta gibt es jetzt auch auf deutsch für meine deutschen Brüder !!!!!!!! Nice graphics but too expensive the is a better app called ipieta has everything this one has and loads more and the best thing is cheaper I dont understand why these suposed to be Catholics but greed over faith shame one you

OK but needs a lot of improvement

I like the idea behind the app but there is too much "fiddling" around during Mass to find the correct readings. The app is date sensitive so the collect, communion prayer and closing prayer need to be in the proper place of the app. Also there has to be a better way to find the Eucharistic Prayer that is being used. The way the app is set up i generally take most of the time locating the one being used and a lot of the time the one the priest is using is even in the app. I have this app on both my iPhone and iPad and dont use either one the hard copy is still by far the best. I do like the other parts of the app - Saint of the day, prayer of the day and the bible quotes but rating the Mass portion I give it no stars. Too bad because it is a great idea but not user/Mass friendly..

Great app. Give you all the informations you need for daily meditation.

I will definitely recommend this app for peoples who believe and thrust God for a daily meditation. Just let the program read aloud the mass for you and you will instantly join the whole Christian community.

Use it all the time

One of my must-haves!

Good ap could be better

Needs more translations, but a handy ap nonetheless.


I like this app making regular use of the daily verse and the lectionaries

If only it had The Canadian version!

It needs to have support for countries other than the USA - then it will be perfected.

Saint of the day

Use it every day. Very good. The only comment is the background on the Saint of the day makes it very hard to read the name. This is when initially opened at the top. Recommend using a lighter background and/or darker text. This is especially evident in low light situations. jeTerry

Pretty Solid Content

It would be nice to see the letter M on the calendar for memorials and OM for optionals (maybe). Really like the reading... Clear and not overdone.


Needs Canadian readings


Great App. Has everything a devout catholic would look for.


Excellent and easy to use!



I missal review

Excellent app perfect for daily mass prep. Could make version for other countries to follow . Not sure if the readings are the same in every country.


This app is amazing! Excellent and easy to use! I definitely recommend to all Catholics! Really great!!!


Defiantly helps me better prepare for Mass!


Love this app, top to bottom. Must have for Catholics.

Most Complete Christian App - Not just for Catholics!

This is truly a one of a kind app. I find the Daily Bread Bible verse helps me to be mindful of what I need to practice each day. I really like the fact that you can "Search" within the app. (Bible) which makes this app not just for Catholics but for any Christian who reads the Bible. If i had to I would give all other apps up just to keep this one. Thank you for making this app available.

Canadian version required

Great app but it does not offer the Canadian readings (different cycle from the US). Would be an easy update...

Best mass app ever

Anything and everything you need for daily reading. Audio feature is great if you prefer to listen. Perfect for lectors!

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