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Love it! ..... n missing ..... Hello

Development has ceased ..... and I will dread the day it stops working .... if money was the issue, I would be glad to pay a yearly subscription to keep this up and running on my devices, I’m sure I’m not alone here. Let’s hope someone is listening! ⛪️

This app needs updating

I would have given this app more stars if it had been updated, but the last update was two years ago! Today is the Memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church, a new feast decreed by Pope Francis, but one would never know that with this app because it’s not there. Even worse, there is no link to Feedback or Help. It’s nonexistent. As another reviewer stated, it appears that the app has been abandoned by Cancha, the creator. I don’t know why they even continue selling it in the App Store. Unless and until the app is updated, I can’t recommend it. Try using the New Missal app which is up to date.

Update needed

I really like being able to follow the prayers of the mass with my iPod, but my parish seems to use other Eucharistic Prayers that are not available. Also, the app no longer jumps to sections of the mass. One has to scroll to the next section.

I recommend this App

Love this app. It is everything I’d hoped to be! Daily prayers and devotions. My iPhone froze the first time I tried to give 5 stars and only gave three in error, sorry.

Thank you for this app!

One of my top apps

Needs updating

I’ve been using this app for many years now and with each OS update, it becomes harder to access, sometimes incorrect, and the readings no longer play. Can you please update? It has been very helpful in the past and now it is unpredictable and frustrating.

iMissal is Great

This is a wonderful tool for any Catholic to use when they find themselves without guidance while on the go.

Abandoned by Developer

This app was and still in many ways is amazing, but Is no longer being updated. Not since iOS 9. What a shame.


Thank you!


love this app!


Since the update to iOS 11 the links at the top no longer work to take me to the different sections (liturgy of the word, Eucharist). It is a small annoyance but not one that makes me lower my star rating. I love this app. It is easy to use and full of resources. Being able to choose just the readings, full mass with notes, or in between is a great feature. Love that I always have it with me!

Great app

Thank you for creating this wonderful resource for active Catholic.

Comfort every day

Being disabled I love being able to read the mass everyday even though I can't be in church.

Great app. :D

This is a great app for my Prayer life.

Really enjoy this app

Thoroughly enjoy this app. Would appreciate adding a separate rosary section, not just the prayers.


Wonderful to have the Mass n Readings at your fingertips. To be engulfed in God's word whenever u need it or just want to be refreshed vcb81

start the

great way to start the day off

My Faith🙏

I absolutely enjoy iMissal. Each and every part of it, I read and enjoy! With my new phone my Saints didn't follow😢 I wish a purchase as that would.

Easy access

I enjoy having the readings at the tip of my fingers.

Mi solución para seguir mejor la misa

Soy de habla hispana y me resultaba muy difícil hacer el seguimiento a la misa en inglés mientras tube que residir en Houston, co. Este misal pude superar el problema y vivir muchísimo mejor la misa diaria, gracias

Great app!!! Specially "Mass" while overseas

I live in South Korea and this app helps me follow the mass while listening it in another language. Great prayers to build a daily praying routine. Thank you!

Great for Catholics!

Very helpful and handy!


While nothing will replace holding my Bible or rosary beads, what a great app to have on the go. Can't beat this if you only have a limited time to stop and pray or catch up on your daily readings, the bookmark function is a blessing and I love the Saint and Prayer library. Keep it coming, God Bless!

Good not great

Good app but it would be nice to have easier to identify the eucharistic prayer used by the priest. Added 7-10-2017: I am downgrading my rating based on the developer's refusal to make any of the suggested changes/improvements to the app. The last update was in October 2015!

Too Many Gospels Read Rapidly

The iMissal application has provided me with a tool to assist me in bridging my journey from here to eternity. However, it has been jarring to hear the Gospel read without much reverence; typically by younger males. As an experienced lector, the readings should not be read like a news report. Yet, this is the Good News. Finally, older listeners require a slower reading rate to process and reflect on The Word.

It is the best!

I use Missal at every mass. It is my favorite!

Always correct.

Accurate and usefull

Thank You

Thank you for consolidation of my daily devotion to our Holy Mother and the Trinity. This allow me to carry and practice devotion anywhere.


Awesome app

With me wherever I go

A great app!! Get this app - you won't be sorry! I do my daily devotional on my phone using this app.

Eddie Castillo

Excellent app I have being using this app on my IPhone for quite a few years as I follow the mass at my local Goodshepard church Iam espiritualily guide tru out the entire mass I highly recommended this app to anyone great app..


This app has help me become more devoted with my faith. Best thing I ever came across.

Easy to use

Direct & versatile. Extremely handy.

Thank you

Excellent - now include choice of Spanish or other languages!

Excellent Catholic Resource

iMissal fills the daily need for liturgical references not directly available in other Catholic resources such as the Laudate!

Good proofing is a lost art!

It's great when the readings are the same as the readings for the day. Today May 1, the first reading is from Genesis. My Living Faith booklet says it is from Acts. I believe that it is from Acts. Proofing appears to be a problem!

Great for catholic daily mass

I use this while traveling or during the week when I'm unable to attend mass. It is a wonderful, easy to use app. Start your day with this app and the day will be better.

Full & Accurate

Reliable and complete, all masses and prayers at your fingertips. Best electronic missal available, great value for the cost.


Great App - I use it daily! I use the audio part which at times has a few bugs but overall great tool to use with your daily walk with God.

Love It

Very easy to use still can't decide if should actually take to church or not


Love it!


Very helpful. With prayers and readings it is a useful tool. Would like an easy way to get to votive masses and others available in the missal. This is a great substitute

Very accurate

I go to mass everyday. Only saw a difference one time, out of the last three months. Helpful in celebrating the mass.


Fantastic app!

Great app to use in church

Use this app every Sunday to prepare for reading the Liturgy

Divine Office

Please UPDATE this App !!

iMissal Translations

Offers only 3 bible translation, 2 are Protestant and the NAB which is a very poor translation.

Love it!!!

Perfect app to get mass readings and a little touch of Gods magnificent.

Great for daily use!

I use this app for daily scripture readings for Mass and Adoration. Combining it with the in-app purchased bible (New American Version) has worked great for reference to the readings if I want more depth. I have used the 'full version' option to follow along with the Mass and have not been disappointed with the accuracy, but I'm not looking for perfection, just an understanding of what's going on. For that purpose, this app works great. If you want a precise and totally accurate Mass version, I suggest buying a print version of the missal or subscribe to a monthly publication (Magnificat).

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